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Exploring Broussard LA

The area that is now Broussard LA was formerly called Côte Gelée, or Frozen Hill, due to the cold winter of 1784. Broussard LA saw its establishment one hundred years later in 1884 and was named for Valsin Broussard, a local merchant.


Agriculture comprised much of the industry, with sugarcane, soybeans, and hay emerging as major crops. Today, the local economy has expanded to include oil and gas, food distribution, manufacturing, and more. Broussard LA received official designation as a city in 2002.

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Things To Do In Broussard LA

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Given Broussard LA’s timeline, it is no surprise that the area is full of historical activities to enjoy.  Check these items off your list of National Historic Register of Historic Places to visit: Ducrest Building, St. Cecilia School, Roy-Leblanc House, Andre Billeaud House, Alesia house, and more.



For a more modern activity, stop by the Zoo of Acadiana. Taste a refreshing libation at Parish Brewing. Or, for a bouncing good time, head over to Elevation Station Trampoline Park. No matter what you decided to do, Broussard LA has something for the whole family.

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