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Home Addition Renovations

Trust your home addition projects to Sibley Construction

Do you find yourself needing more space in your home? Whether you would like to upgrade and extend your master suite, or want to build a garage, Sibley Construction can assist with all of your home additions and home remodeling needs. When your home begins to feel cramped and is lacking in space, adding on is the perfect solution, and it’s significantly cheaper than purchasing a new home!

Let Us Build The Home Addition You've Always Wanted

What Sibley Construction Can Create For You

When adding onto a home, there are a number of different designs and rooms that can be created. From media rooms to home offices, Sibley Construction can take your dreams and turn them into a reality! During your first consultation, we will meet with you, our designers, and our contractors to outline exactly what you are looking for. From there, we will draw up several different plans for you to choose from. At Sibley Construction we will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire renovation process creating a truly custom solution to your addition.

When adding onto a home, there are three principle ways to do so. The first option is to build out, which involves building from the ground level and extending outside of the original perimeter. The second option is building up,  which involves building on top of one of the existing rooms. The final option is to build another building that is completely detached from the home, but still on the property. Each type of home addition has disadvantages and advantages, so the choice is simply your preference.

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Types Of Room Additions We Build

Sibley Construction is here to build the home that you have always wanted. We have the skills an resources to build nearly any type of room. Here are a few ideas, if you find yourself feeling stuck: 

Master Suite Additions

Home additions, especially here in Louisiana, can bring older, more dated homes back to life. In the past, home owners and builders did not optimize master suites, and found many of the amenities we love today unnecessary. Thus, master suite additions are one of the most requested type of home addition for Louisiana home owners. 



In earlier years, the master bedroom was simply looked at as a place to sleep, so amenities were kept at a bare minimum and if the room came with an attached bathroom, it was often small with minimal storage. Today, the master suite is viewed as a personal sanctuary for the home owners. The room is almost like a private home inside the larger home. 21st Century master suites include walk in closets with more than enough storage space, and private, spa-like, luxurious bathrooms. 



At Sibley Construction, we can turn your old, 20th century master bedroom into a modern, luxurious master suite!

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