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Expertly Designed Kitchen Remodels

Sibley Construction is not simply a construction company. We employ a team of highly experienced contractors, who take pride in their work, and provide transparent, comprehensive services throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process. Our beautifully designed kitchen remodels are the talk of the town!


Our finished kitchen remodels are unmatched in design and our attention to detail is evident in every facet of the job. Give Sibley Construction a call today to start designing your kitchen remodel.

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Kitchen Remodels
Kitchen Remodels
Kitchen Remodels

Types Of Cabinets

When you are imagining your future kitchen remodel in your mind, or circling photos in magazines of aspects of certain kitchens that you love, cabinets are always among the top items you focus on. That’s because beautiful and functional cabinets can really make a kitchen great. TO better understand the basic types of cabinets, we’ve split them into three categories, highlighting the benefits of each type: 

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Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinets are made in common cabinet sizes, and are mass produced in a limited variety of door styles, colors and finishes. These cabinets can look great and provide you with value, quick installation, and a fresh appearance without breaking the bank or needing to wait for customizations or prolonged delivery.

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Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets offer more versatility than stock. Meaning more styles, features and options, allowing you to create a custom feel to your kitchen, at a lower price point than the custom cabinets. Semi-custom cabinets are built to order and are generally delivered within one to two months, depending on the specifications.

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Custom Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets are exactly what they sound like. This basically allows you to choose from a wide range of wood types, finishing options, modifications, and hardware. The cost of custom cabinets vary greatly depending on the end goal, but in any case, custom cabinets will allow you to build the exact cabinets you imagined.

Cabinet Installation

Once you have picked the cabinets that you want, and they have been delivered, you can rely on Sibley Construction to provide expert installation services. We will inspect the cabinets, ensure that the sizing and build are in line with your initial requests. From here we will mark out the installation points, determine high and low spots, identify stud locations, and finally install the cabinets in their proper positions.


At Sibley Construction, we offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling, and are prepared to incorporate any unique or custom facets that you may be looking for. Our skilled technicians have the experience to install a wide range of appliances in your kitchen remodel. These appliances include but are not limited to:

Countertop Installation

Upgrading your kitchen counter is among the most popular demand that we see, and for good reason. A new countertop can drastically change the look and feel of your kitchen and can, by itself, raise your property value by a surprising amount.


Sibley Construction specializes in expert countertop installation. Our consistent attention to details leaves you with a flawless finish to your newly remodeled kitchen.


When it comes to changing the flooring of your kitchen, there are really two methods of thought: install the floors first, or install them last.


Installing your floors before your cabinets or island is finished comes with a number of benefits, but also some cons to consider. First, because you may end up covering flooring with your cabinets, there will be some wasted materials, though because the installation is straightforward (less tricky cuts), there will be some costs saved in the installation process. There is also a concern that building out your kitchen on new floors leave them exposed and at risk for damages that will be more difficult to repair, and replacing the flooring in the future will be more labor intensive due to the possibility that you will need to remove the cabinets in order to properly access the flooring.


Installing your floors after your cabinets will decrease the amount of materials wasted during the flooring process, but will also require more custom cuts to work around the existing cabinets. There is also the risk of damaging or denting your cabinets during the installation process. This also makes changing out your cabinets more difficult in the future.

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