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24/7 Emergency Flood Damage Services In Broussard, LA & Lafayette LA

Sibley Restoration & Construction understands that when a flood hits your property, you need immediate assistance.  We offer 24/7/365 flood damage restoration services, including flood damage cleanup and flood damage repairs. Trust our team to work quickly to mitigate the hazards of flooding while salvaging what belongings and building materials we can.


No matter whether your flood damage is the result of a hurricane, heavy rainfall, or some other disaster, the professionals at Sibley hold the training, certifications, and experience needed to make quick work of flood damage cleanup services. Whether it is a few inches of standing water or a few feet, we handle jobs both big and small. Call us today to schedule flood damage cleanup, flood damage restoration, floodwater extraction, and flood damage repairs.

Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Services

Floodwater Removal Services

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Any amount of flooding in your home or business can have detrimental effects. As such, as soon as the storm and rains have subsided, you’ll want to contact Sibley for immediate floodwater removal. Fast floodwater extraction allows us to make space to complete the flood restoration process safely, without the threat posed by the pathogens in the water and any electrical issues. Our water removal services aim to reduce damages such as structural collapse and mold growth.

With the use of industrial-grade floodwater removal services, Sibley provides fast and effective floodwater extraction. Call us as soon as possible to salvage your property. We’re here to help, day or night, with floodwater extraction services.

The Flood Damage Restoration Process

When you call Sibley, we immediately send a flood damage expert to your location to inspect the damage, identify health concerns, and determine the scope of restoration. 

Floodwater extraction or floodwater removal is done with industrial-grade floodwater extraction equipment. Every bit of moisture is removed to save your property from greater damage.

Often after flood damage, the building materials incur damage. For unsalvageable materials, our water restoration team will remove these to reduce the risk of mold. 

Drying and dehumidification follows floodwater extraction and materials removal. For this portion, we implement industrial grade blowers and dehumidifiers to remove water that has soaked into various materials. Moisture meters gauge the amount of water remaining in specific materials, allowing us to estimate how close your property is to being completely dry.

Once the humidity and moisture levels have been restored to a suitable level, we clean and decontaminate all the surfaces that were affected by the flood. Flood damage cleanup services bring you one step closer to getting back in your home.

Once your property is dry, we will complete flood damage repairs to return your home or business to its pre-loss condition.

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Flood Damage Repairs

You should not cut corners with DIY flood damage repairs or an inexperienced contractor. Broussard LA and Lafayette LA homeowners should call Sibley Restoration & Construction for flood damage cleanup and repairs of all shapes and sizes.


If the materials in your home can’t be dried with dehumidifiers and fans, we conduct a controlled demolition to remove the damaged materials. This begins with setting up proper containment and removing all damaged building material that is not restorable. 


After the demolition and drying is complete, we can help you with the water damage repairs of your home as well. Our on-staff general contractors make the process as easy as possible by picking up right where our flood mitigation team left off.  Call Sibley Construction Services at 337-330-2213 right away for water damage repair services.

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flood damage tips

Flood Damage Tips

Flooding is a health and safety hazard that can have major consequences if not handled properly. Whether it is an inch or two of water in your crawlspace, or a widespread flood that leaves you under water, flooding should be treated as an emergency. Follow these flood damage tips to keep you safe and dry:


  • Never try to swim or drive through floodwaters.
  • Do not enter rooms that are flooded to avoid electrical shock and contamination risks.
  • Remove furnishings and prized belongings out of water.
  • Do not use water-damaged appliances.
  • Open windows and doors to circulate air.

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