Water Damage Lafayette

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Lafayette LA Water Restoration Services

When water damages your Lafayette home or business property, you need a restoration company that you can trust to handle every aspect of water damage restoration. Sibley is experienced in providing water damage Lafayette restoration services, 24/7/365. Our water damage Lafayette crew is always on standby and ready to respond to your home or business.


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Water Damage Lafayette

Common Causes Of Water Damage Lafayette

Water damage is a general term to describe the damage that is caused by a wide variety of water related disasters. The most common causes of water damage that we deal with in Lafayette LA include:

Leaky Appliances
Storm Damage
Indoor Flooding
Burst Pipe
Toilet Overflows

Because of the wide range of causes of water damage, you will need a restoration company that can clean up and repair damages of any size or scope. As a licensed restoration company with extensive experience and IICRC certified technicians, Sibley Restoration & Construction offers professional restoration services for home and business owners with any type of water damage.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Lafayette

Water Extraction

Water causes more and more damage every second it remains in contact with your property, so when dealing with any water damage, our first priority is to remove any standing or trapped water from the damaged area. By utilizing our industry leading water extraction equipment, our water removal team, working non stop, will extract the water as quickly as possible. Despite the water being removed, there will still be trapped moisture that was absorbed by porous building materials. This trapped moisture will be removed through the use of blowers and dehumidifiers that will work to restore the relative humidity and moisture levels back to a normal state while preventing mold


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The Water Damage Lafayette Restoration Process

When you find water damage in your Lafayette home or business, it’s imperative that you react quickly by calling your locally trusted water restoration company. At Sibley Restoration & Construction, we offer 24/7 emergency response services and 100% free water damage inspections that come with accurate cost and timeline estimates.

Because water damage begins as soon as your property comes into contact with water, and continues to get worse until the water is removed, our first initiative will be to remove the water by using our industrial strength water extraction equipment.

Depending on the amount of time the water remained in contact with your property, and the severity of the damage, our next step will be to identify and remove any materials that are irreversibly damaged. This step both minimizes any further damages as well as prepares the affected area for any repairs needed to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Trapped water can degrade materials, cause warping, and lead to mold growth if left unaddressed. To prevent these further damages from happening, our team will utilize industrial blowers and dehumidifiers in tandem with regular readings from our moisture meters to determine when each material in the affected area has been returned to its natural and dry state.

In order to receive fair and accurate coverage for your losses, it’s important to maintain accurate documentation throughout the restoration process. Our expert technicians begin taking photos, making notes and documenting each step of the process the minute we step foot onto your property for our initial water damage inspection. This documentation will be shared openly with your insurance provider.

Now that the water and resulting damages have been removed and cleanup up, our last step is to repair any damages that remain. As a licensed general contractor, you can rely on Sibley to handle all of these repairs with the same level of professionalism you’ve come to recognize throughout the entire restoration process.

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage repairs can range from a small plumbing fix, to a comprehensive remodeling job, to a full scale reconstruction project. At Sibley Restoration & Construction, we are able to complete any repair needed to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. As a licensed general contractor and construction specialist, Sibley offers the highest quality of professional repairs and will be able to take on repairs of any type, without the need to recruit or hire a third party contractor.


Our ability to provide comprehensive water damage repairs improves our ability to deal with your insurance claim, and improves your chances of receiving full coverage for you damages.

Water Damage Lafayette

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