Mold Remediation & Abatement

From leaky pipes to condensation from your HVAC unit, dark and damp areas within your home provide the perfect breeding ground for mold growth which can lead to property damage or even serious health concerns for you and your loved ones. While discovering mold growth in your home can be devastating, rest assured that Sibley Construction Services' professionally trained and certified staff can help you to successfully identify the source of the growth, correct the problem and remove all mold from your home.

While some homeowners may attempt to kill the mold themselves with bleach or other cleaning solutions, there is a chance that the mold growth may have passed into areas that you cannot see or that the growth could be disrupted during the cleaning process causing spores to become airborne and land in other areas of your home. Professional mold remediation services, like those offered by Sibley Construction Services, provide peace of mind.

With more than 40 years of combined experience in the mold remediation industry, the Sibley Construction Services team uses advanced equipment and techniques to effectively and efficiently eliminate all signs of mold in your home. We begin the remediation process with an in-home inspection to determine the extent of the problem, allowing us to focus treatment on the affected areas only. Our technicians then work to control the airflow during the remediation process to prevent contamination of any unaffected areas and to allow those unaffected areas to remain in use during the mold abatement process.

At Sibley Construction, our goal is to make the mold remediation process as simple and easy for you and your family as possible. We communicate directly with both you and your insurance company throughout the abatement process, keeping you updated on your claims' status and saving you time and energy. After a final, detailed cleaning, our team turns the site over to an Industrial Hygienist or mold testing company for post-remediation clearance.

Each member of the Sibley Construction Services team has been specially trained in property mold remediation procedures adopted by the EPA, as well as mold remediation industry associations. More than that, we are a proud member of the Indoor Air Quality Association.

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