Sibley Construction's Commitment Is To Provide A Safe & Hassle Free Experience For You From Beginning To End.

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Meeting With local Officials

The right plan to meet all regulations.

Working closely with our local government officials, business owners & thought leaders, medical processionals & industry experts to develop a task force and a plan allowing Sibley Construction to continue serving our communities safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

meetings with local officials
drone roof inspections

Non-Contact Inspections

No hassle, non contact inspections.

During this uncertain time it can be difficult to manage everyday life and stay safe at the same time. When you have potential damage, repair or maintenance needs on your home, it can be difficult figuring out how to complete these projects while staying safe. Starting with all inspections, Sibley Construction provides contactless inspections. Including your roof where utilize a drone to keep everyone safe.

Digital Contracts

Sign agreements remotely

That’s right, never have to sign a piece of paper or use our iPad if you don’t want to. Sign your work agreement right from the comfort of your home.

remote communication

Remote Communication

Gets updates over the web

No need to speak to someone in person, we will conduct remote web conferencing calls to provide you with all the work updates you need.

Sanitized Equipment

No risk of cross-contimination

Sibley Construction makes sure we clean each piece of equipment after EVERY job. This helps us keep a clean work environment, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. You can be rest assured any piece of equipment we have to use in your home or on your property will have been sanitized.

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giving back to local community

Giving Back To Local Community

Helping local business’s

Injecting economic stimulus…Direct Referral Program: $250 for each roofing referral. 


Sibley will gladly donate your referral fee to a family in need, church or nonprofit organization of your choice if you prefer to pay it forward those hit hardest by Covid-19.

Pathogen Resource & Response Alliance

Allowing businesses to get back to work

Partnering with Lofton Safety Services, Barry Henry, MD & Henry Medical, The Academy of Textile & Flooring to create the Pathogen Resource & Response Alliance. 


Developing decontamination and safety training programs, including Corona Virus Training Protocols and a purpose-built Pathogen Cleaning Training Center specifically tailored for precautionary measures and post-confirmed cases of COVID-19.

pathogen resource alliance

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